07 February 2022

Belgian Music Week 2022

A look back on this special week

The Belgian Music Week has just ended and what a better occasion to look back on the main event of this beginning of the year. Let’s come back on the program of RTBF and its 8 radio stations (Tipik, VivaCité, Musiq3, Classic 21, Tarmac, La Première, Jam, Viva +) but also at other initiatives which highlight the diversity of the Belgian scene
and its emerging talents.

All week long, each of the 8 radio stations had to nominate its "New Musical Artist of the Year 2021": : Doria D (Tipik), Satchel Hart (Jam), La Miellerie (Tarmac), Antoine Délie (VivaCité), Charles (La Première), Ghalia Volt (Classic21), Maya Levy (Musiq3).

The awards were presented during an unconventional ceremony that took place on the sandbox game Minecraft, a first step in the metaverse for RTBF. The artists were also featured in the music documentary Belgian Music Night, broadcasted in prime time on Tipik.

Other media also took advantage of this special week to focus on Belgian artists to follow. This is notably the case for the magazine Moustique, which presents 7 of the new women figures of the Belgian scene, but also of the Brussels and Parisian webzine La Vague Parallèle, which unveils its 8 Belgian crushes in different genres.
Jam has also proposed 5 Belgian artists that you should check out.

The concert halls are not forgotten, since Le Botanique has organized a series of 4 concerts at La Rotonde, with an eclectic local program. Proximus Pickx is also taking advantage of this week to make the 3-part documentary AB: Back To Live about the reopening of the Ancienne Belgique available for free.

And to end on a high note, a playlist of the country's best worldwide music artists,
made by Belgian World Music Network, was broadcasted in all STIB stations.