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17 / 18 / 19 / 20 JAN 2018


Thursday January 18th — 5:30pm — Oosterpoort G1 (Heineken Foyer)

Meet the Belgian pros (manager, agents, labels) while enjoying a special Belgian craft beer.

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Blanche stepped into the spotlight when she represented Belgium at the first semi-final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. It’s hard to imagine a better version of the folky song City Lights, but she did it again in the final. It earned her a 4th place ranking. The young Belgian singer has a soothing, husky voice that reminds of Lorde and London Grammar’s Hannah Reid. Blanche is signed to PIAS, and with just this one song released so far, that has racked-up over 20 million streams, it is safe to say the world is eager to see and hear her next move.

Echo Collective is a group of classically trained, professional musicians based in Brussels, Belgium. Influences include A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Stars of the Lid, and their live shows are those rare occurrences where a multitude of emotions can engulf your every thought, like a whirlpool of forgotten dreams that suddenly resurface to the pools of your mind.

Angèle is a young composer from Belgium with a smooth, velvety voice who uses acoustic and electronic instrumentation and rewrites life in a contemporary language that is all her own. So far we only have her first single ‘La Loi de Murphy’ to go on, a track that has been streamed more than 3 million times on YouTube and Spotify already. But more importantly, it heralds a spicy album with a delightfully mischievous and arty twist.


Loïc Nottet is a young pop singer, composer and dancer from Brussels, who, in 2015, was the Belgian participant in The Eurovision Song Contest. He released his first album Selfocracy in 2017, which went Platinum in Belgium and Gold in France. It includes the smash single Million Eyes, a track that generated over 28 million views on YouTube, and over 14 million Spotify streams. He since released several singles, further exploring his undeniably successful brand of electronic pop.

Label : Sony Music Entertainment

Having grown up in Kinshasa and Brussels, Témé Tan manages to fuse his wordly roots with pop, hip hop and electronics. But it is not just African rhythms that fascinate this young Belgian. His travels also found inspiration in Japan and Brazil, and the joyously seductive single ‘Améthys’ was early proof of his potential. He released his impressively kaleidoscopic, self-titled debut album through PIAS International in October 2017 and has been on the move and on the rise ever since.

Label : [PIAS]

Pale Grey returned to the live scene in 2017. After having been locked in their studio for more than a year, the Belgian trio resurfaced with the EP Ghosts. Folk, minor introspections, sound experimentations and electronica, it is the ultimate multi sensory dream-pop experience. The group from Liège hit the European highways as a support for Electric Guest and followed up in October with third album Waves.

Label : JauneOrange

The K. is a Belgian act influenced by loud and energetic bands like Pissed Jeans, The Melvins and Fugazi. In 2010, Sebastian van Landau (guitar), Geofrrey Mornard (bass) and Sigfried Burroughs (drums) came together to form the band, and together they make an overwhelming mix of noise, punk and rock that’s especially exciting when performed live.

Label : JauneOrange


Konoba is Raphael Esterhazy from Brussels. The young Belgian artist blends a clever balance of machines and instruments. His 2017 album Smoke & Mirrors features upbeat pop songs and melancholic ballads. Some songs will make you want to close your eyes and drift away, others will make you feel like dancing.

Austrian Tanja has lived in Sweden, Spain and Belgium, and is now based in Paris, where she traded in her Lonely Drifter Karen alias for a new group and label. For her first single ‘Loverboy’, Lomboy updates the years from before the end of the last millennium where music served a purpose. Groups like Hooverphonic and Portishead play around a similar throbbing softness to that which you hear on the track Loverboy, reminiscent of the electronic lounge of the 90s.

Label : Paris : Cracki Records Tokyo : Botanical House Recordings

Previously based in France where he founded several pop bands and participated in other projects, Antoine Pasqualini aka Monolithe Noir then moved to Brussels in Belgium, ‘the land of freedom’. After trashing old compositional habits and traditional instruments, Antoine fell into modular synths, drone, ambient but always kept the drum parts and melodies from the past. After two EP’s on Berlin label KODX, Monolithe Noir released his first LP, Le Son Grave, early 2017 on Belgian label Luik Records.

Label : Luik Records

They are considered the biggest French speaking music talent to come out of Belgium since Stromae and together they won five Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, including best album for the EP Morale. Meet: Roméo Elvis X Le Motel. The rapper and producer from Brussels are according to many, responsible for the most groundbreaking release of the year, and immediately backed that up by releasing Morale 2. They cut through the Belgian hip hop landscape like a fresh whirlwind and after the country’s francophone region, Roméo Elvis X Le Motel now plan to conquer the rest of Europe.

Label : Back In The Dayz


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