How to tour ex-Yugoslavia

How to tour ex-Yugoslavia

An introduction to the wild East and a few tips and tricks to consider when planning future musical outings, by MENT’s Andraž Kajzer.


November 2016. We’re in the middle of the MENTprizent tour with three Slovenian artists, on the road from Ljubljana to Skopje in the name of the MENT Ljubljana festival. After our shows in Zagreb in Croatia and Pecs in the south of Hungary, we finally arrive in Belgrade. The group of three bands in two vans is exhausted, but the surprisingly strong sun acts as an energy booster. Well, that and rakia, the secret sweet poison of the region.

Belgrade, with two million people, is nowadays the capital of Serbia, but it used to be the capital of what was once known as Yugoslavia. A story with a sad ending, but let’s hope that with a new page in history and a bright future ahead. Yugoslavia was the joint country of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Vojvodina, Montenegro and Macedonia, a region which is nowadays home to more than 20 million people.