The Great Escape 2017


Three artists from Belgium’s Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles will cross the Channel to Brighton for The Great Escape Festival this year! They will share the bill with six other bands hailing from Belgium and Luxembourg. Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques supports them for logistics and promotion, and co-hosts a cocktail party on Friday 19th from 12:30 at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. Get in!



Six strings on a guitar, a casio keyboard and a drumkit. Add in a few breaks and three chords and you don’t need much more to raise the temperature in a room. That’s something that Jim and Reggie have clearly understood as they apply that famous 1 + 1 = 3 equation to their distorted math/kraut/trans-rock. The utter frenzy that their music delivers is accompanied by metallic riffs, huge waves of noise and storms of toms and cymbals all lead by a stroboscope. Here, rock goes back to its primitive and primal core. Let yourself be taken away by these two ginger headed mon- keys to their natural habitat: La Jungle! +



Of Congolese descent and growing up between Kinshasa and Brussels, Témé Tan’s first musical memories were the rumba records his uncles played at family reunions and the zouk tapes of his cousins. Deciding to become a musician after celebrating his 18th birthday at a Beastie Boys concert, his music is a modern blend of minimalistic grooves, electronic beats and seductive harmonies. Drawing inspiration from his global travels and taking musical cues from his time spent in Congo, Brazil, Japan, Guinea and beyond and influenced by artists from Jai Paul and MC Solaar through to Papa Wemba and Jorge Ben, Témé Tan distilled his varied influences at home in his studio in Brussels to create music which feels truly free of classification. +



Baloji is a poet, composer-lyricist/beatmaker, scriptwriter, actor and performer, video artist and stylist. After the release of his album Hotel Impala (2008), his Congolese reinterpretation (Kinshasa Succursale, 2011) was awarded 4 stars by the world’s press (NYT, Guardian, El Pais, Les Inrocks..) and after more than 200 live shows all over the world, Baloji is back with a new EP. His music stands at the crossroads of African music, rap music, the French singer-songwriter tradition, afro-american music (soul, funk, jazz) discovered through hip hop culture and sampling; and electronic music (trance, deep house) which has its roots in part in the region of Belgium where Baloji grew up. +

and also Tuys (LX) / J. Bernardt (BE) / Tsar B (BE) / Goose (BE) / Raketkanon (BE) / Napoleon Gold (LX)!


[Electro Pop — BE]


Management: Disco Naïveté Booking: ATC Live (world) & Live Nation (be)


[Rock — BE]



[Electro Pop — LX]


Booking: JauneOrange (be), Melodyn (fr), Bacana (Gas, Es, Pt)

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