Martin Landmeters,
Nicola Testa,

NICOLA TESTA – Lost & Found

mars 01, 2016

Directed by Martin Landmeters & Nicola Testa
with Chloé Winkel & Nathan Mandja
Director of Photography by Frédéric Martin

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« No More Rainbows » is Nicola Testa’s first album. Born in Brussels, Nicola Testa studied at Institut des Arts et Diffusion (cinema, television, radio, multimedia and theatre school) and at Kleine Academie (international academy for creation and theatre). Laureate of Pure FM radio’s Pure Demo contest, he released his first EP « Wanderland » in 2011. « No More Rainbows » was recorded in Brussels and in Paris. It was coproduced by Nicola Testa and Antoine Gaillet (Julien Doré, Talisco, M83, François & The Atlas Mountains). Nicola Testa performs the texts and music of the eleven songs. The sleeve’s artwork was created by Eric Croes from a photo by Géraldine Jacques.


« No More Rainbows » – Album – 2015


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