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VICTORIA+JEAN – Where We Belong

Director / Producer : Phil Carron
Production Director : Charène Amoer
DOP : Marco Vieira
Actress/Dancer : Gloria Abélians
Directors assistant : Estel Ménesguen
Camera assistant : Émilie Montagner
Electro : Antonin Suppes GuiGui Pop
Chef Deco : Emilie Duval
Deco : Julien Gourlay Jean-Victor Pion Sergej Culumarevic Steve Hackx
Accessories : Sergej Culumarevic
FX on set : Toon Sintobin – Sparks-efx
Stylist Victoria : Pierre-Antoine Vettorello
Stylist Jean : Cédric Jacquemyn
MUA : Julien Bacquet
Catering : Maud Gaudin
Set photographer : Ingrid Otto
Post-production : Phil Carron
(February 2016)

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Victoria+Jean were born between Stockholm and Brussels a little more than twenty years ago. Victoria’s tender voice was made for the electrical caresses of Jean’s guitar. Together, they write songs and roam every club on the planet from New York to Rio, before recording this first album with some mythical figures. Divine Love. For those who might still have doubts: love is divine.

Forthcoming album “Divine Love” due for April 29th 2016.


Manager: Fredrik Andersson at Pace Management :


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